Import Duties do not apply to shipments of vintage or pre-owned watches inside of the European Union.

Import duties vary from country to country.

In the United States import duties are based on the individual values of the watch’s components: the movement, the case, and the band. Our information indicates that U.S. import duty on watches we have shipped, is always less than 3% of the total declared watch value. UPS express will charge the import duty on behalf of US customs upon delivery. We will be pleased to email you a PDF component breakdown of your purchased watch’s and an invoice. You may contact U.S. Customs for its estimated import duty. All our shipments to the USA and Canada include a proper invoice as well as a watch breakdown.
Please understand that we do not control import duty charges. They are the responsibility of the buyer and are not included in our value pricing nor shall they be refunded by us if an item is returned.

Special Note for Customers from the USA:

Every shipment comes with a proper invoice for customs purposes as well as a detailed Watch Breakdown (for USA Export). US customs clearing is normally made either in Louisville KY or in New Jersey. To prepare customs clearing in the shortest possible time, usually the package with the paperwork is still in transit, when the person in charge at US Customs is working on it. So employees working on Customs clearing don’t have access to the package and may call and ask for paperwork. Please assure them, that everything they might need to verify the possible import duties is included in the shipment and they may call us.
For calls from the USA our phone number is 011 – 34 – 971 – 602 627, upon request we will then provide them the documents they may request to speed up the delivery.